Dandenong Market – Parent Helpers

Hi 3A families,

On Tuesday 29th May we have our excursion to the Dandenong Market. If anyone is available to attend the excursion please let me know (there will be room on the bus). I am looking for 1 more parent helpers.

We will leave approximately 9:10am and return to school 1:30-2:00pm.

If you are able to help please let me know.

kind regards,

Mr Antoniou

Inquiry Project Expo

Hi 3A families,

On Wednesday afternoon we will be showcasing our Inquiry projects. The students have been working collaboratively on their projects and are excited to share their final product with you. If you are able to make it please come to the classroom from 2:45 onwards to have a look. The projects will be sent home Wednesday afternoon.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Mr Antoniou. 🙂

Digital Technologies

This note will be sent home once your child has returned their Year 3-6 Acceptable Internet Agreement form and had their first lesson in Digital Technologies about our school email rules. They will be shown how to upload an avatar they have created at school as their profile picture and will be taught how to add a contact. It would be great if parents can give their children their email address on this form so that we can send parents an email in our next lesson.

How to get onto your school email (Google Apps for Education Account) from home.
The below video will demonstrate how your child can get onto their school email account from home. We advise that you use Google Chrome on your computer as the school Google Accounts work best on this browser.


Dear Parents/ Guardians

Welcome to our year 3 blog for 2018. The students have been learning about what makes a good student or teacher, we have been practicing our mental addition and have been setting up our classroom rules for this year. We have also made a jigsaw puzzle to show how we all fit together as a group. We have also been getting to know each other.

Kind regards