What A Month!!

Wow! What a busy month we have had. First of all we have had all the excitement of our first  Beach Program, where we had fun on the surf skis and boards, rescued our friends, played beach soccer and flags. It was a great experience but the walk back was long and UP HILL! Check out the short video below to see what we did.

Just a week after going to the beach we were back in the water for the Swimming Sports. Congratulations to every one who had a go for their house and a special mention to Lewis for  his persistence and making it to end of his 50m heat. It was great to see all the parents who came down to watch and cheer us on as we swam.

Our last excursion was our history tour to Mornington and Arthurs Seat. What a day! We had perfect weather but we all had to move very quickly to fit it all in. The court house and gaol were very interesting and it was fun to see how the judge dressed and how the court worked. Did you know that the old court house and lockup were still being used up to 1987?



Our next stop was to the Museum which was the old Post Office. In there we found an old bath and we were told that whole family would use the same water one after the other. The old iron was very heavy and the old telephones looked a little strange.


After the museum we visited the Mornington Footballers’ Monument where we learnt about the 15 young footballers that drowned on the way back from their game in Mordialloc. One of the questions we have is “What caused their boat, the Process to sink?” and we are hoping the author of the book “15 Young Men”, Paul Kennedy, who is coming next week can tell us.

The last thing we did in Mornington was visit the statue of Matthew Flinders. We learnt that he was a navigator, was born in 1774 and died in 1814 at the age of 40.

From Mornington we went to Arthurs Seat and had a ride on the Eagle Skylift up the mountain. The ride was not very long but we got to see some amazing views.

Last of all we had a walk through Seawinds and got to see the William Ricketts sculptures and the views from both the north and south lookouts. It had been a very interesting day and a long hot day. We were all very glad to get back on the bus and come back to school.


Overall we had an amazing day and would like to thank all the parents who have helped on this excursion as well as all the others.

We are looking forward to visiting Mt Martha House on Monday to learn more about the history of Mt Martha.

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